Step One Occupational Therapy for Children
Based in Joondalup, providing services to children in and around Perth area

Step One Occupational Therapy for Children
is now part of AIM Occupational Therapy for Children. All information on this website is still relevant and correct, but feel free to view AIM OTs website instead.

Step One Occupational Therapy for Children is based in Joondalup and provides services to children in and around the Perth area, as it has done for many years. Our occupational therapists screen, assess and treat children with a range of sensory, developmental and learning difficulties.

Each child has an individualised program developed to meet their specific needs.

We also provide services to schools. Each package is tailored to the needs of the school but can include screening, reports for each child, statistics on the outcomes of the screens and subsequent recommendations. Professional development sessions for teachers are also available.

child-with-magnetTherapy is offered in our clinic for babies, toddlers and children. Therapy is also offered at selected schools.

Our therapists have relevant experience, value their professional development and constantly seek to improve their knowledge and skills. We therefore ensure your child gets the best possible service.

Occupational therapy with passion and care.

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