Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does my child need OT?

Please refer to our parent checklist.

2) How will OT benefit my child?

This is a complex question and the answer depends on the issues identified in the assessment. Occupational Therapists assist your child to reach their full potential. OT’s training and professional development provide us with many ‘tools’ to use with your child. For example, sensory integration, perceptual motor and skills training.

3) What areas of development are covered by OT?

OT covers most areas of child development. For a detailed list refer to ‘Our Services’ page. When we assess your child we are looking at your child’s development in relation to their chronological age, skills and abilities.

4) How long before I see results with my child?

This would depend on the results of the initial assessment and the areas of intervention required for your child. The time taken to see results can vary between 1 or 2 sessions or blocks of 1 or 2 terms. Your therapist will discuss recommendations and expectations with you in the parent consultation which is after your child’s assessment. In this discussion we also consider your available time and finances.

5) How often would my child need to be seen by an OT?

Most appointments are weekly however alternative options can be discussed with your therapist.

6) What if my child has had an OT assessment and/or treatment before?

If your child’s OT assessment is recent, therapists at Step One OT can use this information to begin or continue your child’s treatment program. With your permission, they may contact your child’s previous therapist.

7) How soon can my child start seeing an OT?

We aim to book your child in as soon as possible. Generally this is within a week or two of your first contact.

8) What can I do at home?

Your therapist will give you specific home activities and ideas. For more general suggestions try the following websites:

9) What do I need to tell the school?

Once an assessment is booked, we will send you a parent and a teacher questionnaire. This enables us to gain information relating to your child’s abilities and behaviour at school.

Following the assessment, a copy of the report will be provided for the teacher (unless requested otherwise). Our therapists are available to discuss any issues with your child’s teacher by phone or email throughout the duration of therapy.

If required, school visits can be arranged.

10) Are your services rebatable?

All our therapists have medicare provider numbers and our services are covered by private health funds. The rebate you will receive depends on your level of cover. We recommend you contact your private health fund to discuss if you are covered for OT and what rebate you can expect to receive.

In some circumstances Medicare may provide a rebate for up to five private therapy sessions per year. In order to claim this rebate, you need to visit your GP and ask them to complete the paperwork for an Chronic Disease Management Plan.

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